Announcement : Exclusive Partnership with The Peak Wine Connoisseurs

posted by Boutiqueoffice | May 8, 2021

A great author and philosopher, Eric Weiner once said, “Philosophy is like wine. There are good years and bad years but, in general, the older the better”. Don’t you agree?

When offices shut down and alternative working space such as virtual office and private office becomes inevitable option, being healthy is paramount. There’s always 50:50 chance of you infecting others or being infected. Nowadays, we need to put in writing and give consent to be criminalized when we lie about our health before entering public premises. Stress level in people rise silently but evidently.

We should thank the pandemic for making us realize what is the most important thing in our life: health. It has become apparent being healthy this hour, this minute eclipses everything else we hold dear.

The second most important thing is network. Do you still remember how it felt going home after a night of networking with your colleagues and peers? You meet new people and perhaps even business opportunities? Over a glass of wine or two? Do you miss shaking hands with a partner once your business deal is agreed on?

Consider yourself blessed because Boutique Office and The Peak Connoisseurs will assist you celebrating more of your health, your life, and time you spend with loved ones or important colleagues. Starting on 15th May 2021, you can enjoy 10% off of your wine purchase for Boutique Office's tenants.

Reciprocally, if you are a member of The Peak Connoisseurs and in need of private office space or virtual office rent, redeem your 10% OFF of all services offered at Boutique Office, plus three hours of free of charge meeting room hire.

Boutique Office space undergoes regular strict health protocols to ensure health and safety at the workplace for our tenants and guests. What is more relaxing than seeping a glass of your favourite wine after a hard day’s work? 

Cheers! To health!

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