Are You Still WFH? It Is Now WFSO Time!

posted by Boutiqueoffice | April 3, 2021

Are you still in the Work From Home (WFH) cycle? Start considering Work From Serviced Office (WFSO)! Because WFH will begin to phase out especially for someone living with a big family.

The biggest challenge "Work From Homers" is facing is staying focus and managing concentration on work at hand, working hours that feels long and home setting that isn’t set up as a full time office setting. Within six months, many start having back problem from not sitting properly on make-shift work station or for having their laptop on their lap for hours. Not very ergonomics.

Of course you can’t let this go on. It won’t benefit your health for the long run, but also demotivating and affecting your performance and productivity. Working away from home at proper office space provided by serviced offices can be your solution.

Serviced office offers flexible work setting. Since the beginning of the pandemic, serviced office providers adjust many of their services to accommodate customer’s needs more than ever. Definitely worth considering.

Mostly offered in affordable rent fee, you can adjust your operational budget when renting a serviced office. Regain your focus and concentration at work, your familiar office hour rhythm and reset you back to health by sitting and working at an ergonomical environment.

Contact us at Boutique Office and enquire the best offer to suit your WFSO’s needs (GH)