Hi How Can I Help ?

posted by Boutiqueoffice | May 8, 2020

Borrowing the line from Dr Max Goodwin from the med-series New Amsterdam, “Hi, how can I help?” seems to be a question to ask today. The COVID-19 pandemic opens up abundance opportunities for citizens globally to do millions of good deeds for others.

The pandemic distanced us from loved ones, favorite hang out places, shops, or whatever “normal” people are accustomed to. During distancing we are strongly encouraged to keep clean and sanitize well to keep us from getting infected and infecting others.

Despite its unpredictable and evasive nature the virus ignites humanity in people. We read stories of people hanging food for passers-by, sharing free books, offering delivery service for neighbors, organize communal donation, families making special efforts to celebrate birthdays, congratulate new borns and leaving thank you notes and organizing healthy food for medical workers, providing PPE for medical workers and doctors, and many more. Everyday, there’s a good-heartwarming stories told around the world.

In the education side, education providers open access to their libraries and some short classes for free. cable TVs give away their access to limitless entertainments and actors and musicians perform online for free but nominate a charity to help every day through their social media.

Watching this act of simple and sincere deeds brings warmth to the heart. That there is still hope in human to human relationship and human to nature relationship, a better future  for the world.

We still don’t know for how long still this pandemic will carry on, but if working away from home is inevitable for you, you can still do some good. Being in an uncertain period of time, can take a toll to your mental wellbeing.

Spread love and care to those around you. To your work colleagues or neighbors at your serviced-office or shared office space where distancing is also enforced. Because offering a shoulder to cry on is impossible, you can leave encouraging notes or mood-booster words, share a pot of plant to look after or offer some help when needed or just simply listen.

The key is to become more self-aware, more compassionate toward others, less impulsive, less consumptive, think more before doing, be assertive in your action. We don’t live alone, we must help each other in this difficult time.

Hopefully we will rise above this pandemic a better person, a solid society more humane than we’ve ever been.

Let’s start with, “Hi! How can I help?”