posted by Boutiqueoffice | February 11, 2020

The ambience at your workplace can directly or indirectly influences how you feel and think throughout the day. Feng shui is orient toward re-organizing the flow of harmony in your surrounding and its various elements in a way to positively align your well-being and welfare.

Imagine yourself working in coworking spaces or serviced office where you might feel limited in achieving the right feng shui for in your own space amongst the communal environments. Plus, not all serviced-office or co-working spaces in Indonesia is aware of the importance of feng-shui for the facility,

This is where specific feng shui comes to play. Here are a 5 manageable feng-shui for your desk arrangement:

 1.     De-clutter your desk. A clear desk space is vital, especially your wires and cords. Keep only half of the stuff you need to use during the day on your desk.

2.     Avoid direct face-to-face desk setting by putting up small divider of motivating quotes you like or            vibrant coloured painting facing center in between or position a pot plants or a coin jar on the                back left corner of your desk.

3.     Put your laptop or monitor front and center, keep the left area for books.

4.     Put a glass jar of candy on the right area of your desk to counter bad energies.

5.     Opt for a desk with a view of the room and the entry door as much as possible. If only the                    opposite is available, put a mirror facing the door or the view of the room.

The new year just began. Start it by applying simple desk feng shui that revitalizes positive energy at your workplace for your personal well-being.