I Can't Work From Home. What do I do ?

posted by Boutiqueoffice | June 18, 2020

What a pandemic does to habit is so versatile to mankind it propels us to innovate, develop and adapt to a condition otherwise we will likely postpone to adapt to or even consider to consider. 

Some people are so flexible they adjust to any situation smoothly, but some others might not. And, some jobs cannot be easily switched to operate remotely or from home such as retails, manufacturing sector, deliveries, logistic and healthcare. 

When this situation impacts your company, create a work-health and safety document with embedded official government safety advice and supply your staff with the safety standard gears to keep them safe and stay healthy. 

Implement regular health and safety measure and guidance to monitor your high-risk staff or staff whom are seen struggling to cope with the working remotely model. It will be useful to conduct a team meeting or discussion on what kind of support your company provide logistically, technically and psychologically. Communicate this regularly to your team to include them in conquering this unsettling time together as a team.  

Your company can also consider renting a dedicated flexible office space for transit for staff unable to work from home. Consider creating a schedule of incomings and outgoing staff using the temporarty office space to maintain the work health and safety aspect.