Is Scaling Down The New Reality Of Business

posted by Boutiqueoffice | April 23, 2020

Everybody knows that the only constant thing in life is changes and now, disruption. COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us exactly that in a global scale. Everything is changing by the minute. In Australia, there are more than 800,000 companies registered to government’s package to keep the company afloat and in the USA, it is predicted that unemployement will rise beyond the current number of 12 million people. While big corporations and manufacturers are working on mitigation plans to avoid bancruptcy, smaller companies such as start-ups and scale-ups are abruptly reshapping their scope of business or closing down.

The new reality of business will involve scaling down to survive. Not only does COVID-19 force half the world to work from home, it also changes how a business operates. It is not impossible that there will be more companies opting for serviced office, virtual office or co-working spaces for daily physical operation.

Currently, more than 3,9 billion people are forced to work from home to combat the coronavirus. In more than a month, a person’s habit of ritual and preference can change. In three months, many will realize that working from home is manageable. Once the constraint of social and self distancing is lifted off, many will look for a workstation with similar setting.

Companies will rethink on how they can reduce cost substantially and find a post-pandemic working arrangement that works for remote working, communicating with satellite teams to complete projects while still maintaining productivity and profit. In this era, this can be easily achieved.

There is never been a better time to deviate your business address to serviced office, virtual office or co-working space and find providers whose facility and services best match your needs and preference.