LIght at the end of the tunnel called 2021 - A message from Grace Hakim, Managing Director

posted by Boutiqueoffice | December 30, 2020

Who’s tired of 2020, please stand up! What a year, right? What a year to look back to it is. The year where there were equally two sides of everything for the world to witness and experience. It did not leave a single person out. Everybody witnessed and experienced the same challenges: fear, loss, lost, anxiety, acceptance, perseverance, new skills and eventually wisdom.

When January 2020 stepped in, who would have thought that an invisible species could manage to halt the entire civilization for almost a whole year? And who could be sure that 2021 isn’t going to be similar? Let’s hope not. But, the one thing we now know is, it isn’t going to be as atrocious because we have become more knowledgeable, equipped, positive hence excited to welcome 2021 despite more than eighty million infected cases globally and knowing 70% have recovered from the infection.


What are the ins and outs for 2021?

We observe there are five things that might re-appear anytime soon:

  1. Digitally-challenged. When “Let’s Zoom” had replaced “Let’s meet” globally, people young and old are expected to grasp how to operate this online meeting platform like you would a hair comb.
  2. Hand shakes. After knowing how it could transmit the virus almost immediately, a new kind of “hand shake” appeared across the globe. Some adopt fist bumps, namaste, bowing, elbow bumps, and more.
  3. Sharing drinks from the same cup or bottles. Let’s not discuss this. It should never happened.
  4. Go out of the house unprepared. To be safe, you need to have checklist of things to bring or not to bring.
  5. Budget traveling. Airfare and accomodation might be cheaper, however, with arbitrary border closures, various tests and isolation procedures in each country or region, it defers budget travel to the bottom of the bucket list.

We can see five things that will stay in:

1. Cleanliness, with the virus still lurking about and vaccines are arbitrary of its potency to diminish the virus forever, people have found comfort in cleanliness. If you are clean, you’re far better off in health

2. Apps, there will be apps for everything we do from now on. They will be very helpful to make our lives easier going forward.

3. Digital or e-money. Payment methods by tapping and scanning will replace cash payment down to the smallest amount, items and shops.

4. Wearing masks. It wasn’t long before masks became another fashion items and must-haves when you’re out and about. We are waiting for the Apple masks to be available for public purchase at Apple shops.

5. Private functions, with social distancing still a seating preference in public places, people began to limit the acquaintance they want to “hang out” with at close distance, creating a more intimate and exclusive gathering socially.

Another shift to note is, of course we are happy to be continually overwhelmed by the amount of quality free online courses available to devour. From yoga to cooking to technical skills with certificate all for us to choose.

Eventually, all the negative and positive direction will always return to the one person reading this, hence the question, what kind of a human being I will become when I come out of this pandemic?

Happy new year! Welcome 2021!



Best wishes from our team to yours.

Grace Hakim - Managing Director