Meeting Space Versus Meeting Rooms For Hire

posted by Boutiqueoffice | March 17, 2020

How do you do your meeting in 2020? Sitting down in a room, closed room with power point presentatiion like how it was in the 90s? Or standing up in circle to achieve efficiency and productivity? Standing up or sitting down, meetings need space to enable it.

While space is fairly available in abundance these days, the right space for you, your business and  your meetings might not. For a while there has been the trend to conduct business meetings at cafes, hotels, restaurants and event convenient stores that provide chairs and tables instead of in a cold, closed meeting rooms at offices unless it is a high-level, MOU signing type.

And when WIFI is made available in nearly everywhere, business meetings and meeting spaces quickly becoming more casual, or even done virtually using video conference mode from a conferencing platform or software installed in your devices.

When less space for meetings is becoming common, people are beginning to again, search for comfort, confidentiality, privacy and ease in conducting business meetings. Here’s where meeting spaces or meeting rooms for hire comes into play. Proposing a big role in today’s professional business how-tos.

Gradually, professionals are returning into meeting rooms at co-working spaces or serviced offices where they can have the luxury of bonafide address and services mimicking a corporate office while not entirely renting a whole floor in an office building.

Options to rent the space are varied from general to luxury, in which you can adjust with your budget, proximity, facility package consideration and timing.

Meeting space only is usually more open, fluid, less confidential, self-serviced, very casual while meeting rooms are categorized by how many person present in the meeting room with additional facility such as screen, projector, flipchart and stationeries. Both options offer professionals with affordable flexibility and affluence.