Staying Professional at a Serviced Office Community

posted by Boutiqueoffice | February 21, 2020

The new realms of working in an office has now changed substantially. There will be more option for freelancers, new jobber, or entrepreneurs to settle in serviced-office or co-working spaces to run their business.

However, with this new realms comes a different type of “office rules” in which will rely strongly on the individual. There will be no HR staff involved or the management in general enforcing specific code of conducts and individual must wear as their badge of identity. You are your own self entity but located in an address you share with strangers.

This kind of new freedom can be a challenge to comply with and to manage. The key is to keep in mind that the reason you are located in the serviced-office or co-working space is to run your business as professionally as possible. Ten useful tips to equip you:

1.     Stay professional

2.     Mind your own business

3.     Build a good relationship with the serviced-office’ management team

4.     Keep a civic and polite attitude

5.     Be considerate and respectful of others

6.     Avoid and report harassment to the management

7.     Keep your desk clean

8.     Keep your music to yourself

9.     Mind your speaking volume

10.   Keep obscene jokes or innuendo to yourself

Keep your professionalism in-check within the environment you’re in and you’re fit to inhabit your serviced-office. Credibility is mouth to mouth as much as it is traceable digitally.