Top tips to being more influential as entrepreneurs

posted by Boutiqueoffice | August 13, 2020

Learning to be more influential can help you succeed in your endeavors. People will want to know more about what you are doing and will follow you. These tips will help you in becoming more influential. 

  1. Networking: If you aren’t building your networks, it’s time to start, especially if you are looking to be influential. Expanding your base of influence will be a great start towards that end. You never know who you come across is going to help you the most in your goals. While it’s true that everyone in your network will help, the more you have, the better the chances of having others who are influential.
  2. Attach to Others Who Are Influential: When you are building your networks, consider hooking up with people who already have influence. Since you get to control who you include, be selective. It’s better to have 20 people with high influence than it is to have hundreds with little to none.
  3. Offer to Help Influencers: One way to build a strong network, especially with influential people, is to help them out in any way you can. At conferences, you could offer to drive them to the location. Or, you can help them set up their platforms when they are speaking, etc. This will truly make them notice you, and it is not something many people think to do.
  4. Learn from Other Influencers: When you start to develop a network of influencers, observe what they do. See how they interact with others. Even when you are new and don’t have many influencers on your side, you can read about other high profile people. Having direct contact is always better, but you need to start somewhere. Getting to know their stories ahead of time also gives you conversation topics to speak about.
  5. Organize Events: You won’t be influential if you don’t get exposure to a lot of people. A great way to accomplish this exposure is to host events and conferences. If you are on a limited budget, you can find others in your field to partner with so that the costs are distributed. Do this often to constantly expand your base.
  6. Get Your Hands Dirty: Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get something done, whatever that something is. People in your group or industry will take notice when you do this.
  7. Become the Best at What You Do: No one can argue when you have the knowledge and the skills that others don’t. Make sure you are constantly learning and participating. Be the first to volunteer for new assignments, and jump out of your comfort zone to learn about areas of your business or company you are unfamiliar with. The more you know, the more you can influence others.
  8. Become the Go-to Person: When you increase your knowledge and skills, people will start coming to you for advice. You will become the go-to person. This is highly noticed by others, including managers and other influencers. This is the stuff promotions are made of.