Business Development

Indonesia in few figures

5 000 km from one end to the other of the archipelago.

17 500 islands and 54 700 km of coastline.

265 million inhabitants.

15th world economy.

1st economy within the ASEAN (40% of the GDP of the ASEAN).

3 development national priorities: agriculture, fishing industry et livestock husbandry.

5 main natural resources: copper, tin, gold, oil and gas.

7 main agricultural products: cacao, coffee, caoutchouc, spices, palm oil, rice and tea.

5,4% growth rate, 3,1% inflation rate and 6% interest rate.

USD 120 à 310 minimum wage (varies by region).

11 days off and 21 public holidays in 2019.

171 million internet users.

1st subway line operational since april 2019.

1st made in Indonesia submarine delivered to the national navy in 2019 (12 ordered).

1st fast train lines under construction between Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

1,1 million of cars and 6,5 million of motorcycles registered in a year.

1 100 km of highway delivered between 2014 and 2020.

580 million of passengers in a year (450 million by train, 110 million by aeroplane and 20 million by ferry).

16 million of coming foreign tourists.

17 cultural and natural properties listed as as world heritage sites by UNESCO.


Our business development services in Indonesia



Our experienced directors will build together with you interactive scenarios for your project development or your incorporation in Indonesia (alternative solutions, pros & cons, stages and procedures, common practices, estimated costs and recommendations).

Market study

We will identify and inventory for you main players on your specific market (competitors, consumers or end-users, importers, distributors, retailers, investors, authorities and related administrations) and sort existing products or services.

Market intelligente

Through a mission spread over several months, we will seek and collect targeted information that will allow us to appraise your specific market, position your product or services, and identify potential projects or clients.

Distributor or partner search

Comforted by a market study, included in this mission, we will identify and introduce you to potential distributors or partners and follow the negotiations with you when required.

Business representation

Our team will maintain the relation between your remote headquarter, the importers, the distributors and the final clients and keep seeking potential opportunities for your products or services.