Kindly go through our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) below to get the best services from us.

Serviced Office FAQ

Q: What is a Serviced Office?

A: Sometimes known as Business Centre or an Executive Suite. Serviced Offices are a cut above the standard office rentals. Serviced Offices come fully furnished with  all utilities and telephone extensions already supplied as part of the lease. It is much easier to move into a Serviced Office as you have none of the other overheads such as furnitures and office equipments. Your office is ready to inhabit in a very short space of time. These kinds of office usually come with different leasing terms than regular offices, with short term leases being much more flexible to arrange.


Q:  What do you pay for in a Serviced Office?

A: Regular offices are just empty spaces with no utility hook-ups or furniture. A Serviced Office comes fully furnished and the utility bill come included in the price. You do have to pay for the outgoing calls you make and also for extras such as meeting room hire, but often these are at reduced rates than for people not using the Serviced Office facility.


Q:  Why should I get a Serviced Office rather than a regular one?

A: For a Serviced Office you can get a short term lease for up to 1 year period, meaning you are not tied with a two year contract or longer. This makes them reasonable for people who are starting out in their business and unsure how they will get on, or for people that need an office but are only going to be in the area for a short period of time.

They are usually in extremely sought out locations close to all the major facilities. Usually close to shops, banks and other business centres. Often these Service Offices will be in a complex with refreshment areas and use of the reception facilities meaning that you do not have to invest in these operational costs either.

In an office complex like this you have a great opportunity to meet other business owners, developing networks and business relationships that will benefit you and your business for many years to come.


Q: Why choose a Serviced office at Boutique Office?

A: Boutique office is located in the prime area of West Jakarta. While our price is very competitive, we also own our property, which provides our clients with a knowledge of security, and also ensures that we are able to keep fully up to date with our ongoing maintenance and refurbishments.


Q: How easy it is to grow my business?

A: It is very quick and easy to increase your office size at Boutique Office. As your office requirements change, you can take on additional offices or more to a larger office depending on your ongoing needs and space availability.


Q:  Which kind of businesses tend to use Serviced Offices?

A: These Serviced Offices are often used by businesses that are just starting out and/or freelance entrepreneurs. Unwilling to be tied into a long term company with a business until they are sure it is going to be successful, renting a Serviced Office gives you the prestige, services and business address you need.  In the progress where their business is expanding, they can decide whether to continue to take advantage of the services offered or to look for another office with more space.

Companies that establish a base of operations or new branch will often rent a Serviced Office, either for the term of their stay or until their own offices are ready to be used after the refurbishment.Business travellers regularly visit Jakarta for their meeting and other business activities. They are likely to choose serviced offices while they are in town.


Q:  How long can you rent a Serviced Office for?

A: Boutique Office Lease starts from  a minimum of 6 months  up to 12 months, renewable after.


Q: What size is a typical serviced office ?

A: There is no specific shape or size to our office suites, each one offering something a little unique and different. It is always advisable to come in and have a look around to see which office you feel best suits your company needs. 


Q: What does my rent include?

A: Again there are a range of services offered and we will put together a package that suits your individual needs. Some of the things that can be included in your package will be things like furniture, an extension from our switchboard for your telephone and use of our receptionist, your high speed  internet connection, the use of utilities such as electricity, air conditioning exclude the cost of outgoing phone calls. We also offer the free use of our meeting room facilities for 2 hours a month. Additional hour will be charged at an attractive discount from the public rate.


Q: Do all of your office have an external view?

A: Some of our office suites have windows with great city view of Taman Anggrek, Tribeca and Pullman Hotel. Some other suites are non-window, which surprisingly sought after by some of our clients.


Q: Are there other services I can purchase at extra cost?

A: Dedicated debit of internet connectionDedicated telephone lineMonthly Parking ( rates follow the provision of APL Tower Building Management)Meeting Room hire

Business support facilities : photocopy, secretarial service, courier, etc.


Q: How long before I can move in?

A:It usually only takes between 24 and 48 hours before we can move you into your Serviced Office. A lot depends on the type of package you want, how many people need to use the office and our availability as well. You need to sign a confirmation and lease agreement and pay your deposit.


Q: Tell me about the dedicated telephone services?

A: During an incoming call, our receptionist will greet your caller with a welcome message personalised to your company and then place it to your office or on hold if you are temporarily unavailable. Comprehensive message will be taken by our receptionist when you are not available which will be forwarded immediately to you via email.


Q: I might need to use a meeting room. What do I need to do to hire yours?

A: Our meeting room is available to be reserved in advance and can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people. Included in the price for the meeting room is full use of all of our facilities such as whiteboard, projector and complimentary coffee, tea, mineral water with wrapped mints for all of your meeting delegates. The charges for the meeting room are based on hourly, half day or full day rates, depending on your request and are added to your monthly bill. Meeting room can be arranged subject to availability. Our Serviced Office tenants get an attractive discount  from the publish rate.


Q : Can I get more catering for guests?

A: If you are having an all-day meeting or one that you wish to offer food to we can organise that for you. We often get requests for lunchtime menus during all day meetings that include pastry, salads or sandwich with quality.


Q:  Can we put our own furniture or purchase additional furniture for our Serviced Office?

A: Unfortunately you are not allowed to bring extra furnitures. Our offices already come fully furnished.


Q: Is there car parking available?

A: Yes there is car parking available in the basement of the building. This is run by professional parking management company and payment for this is organised through them. We would be able to assist you further in the process.


Q: Some of my staffs smoke, is there any smoking area on the 16th Floor?

A: APL Tower has a strict non-smoking policy. There is a stiff penalty that is applied for people who do not abide by the policy. We respectfully request that you advise all members of staff to smoke outside of APL Tower.


Virtual Office and Meeting Room Hire

Q: Is there any form of Agreement I need to enter into before using the service?

A:  Yes, just like in any form of business especially to the satisfaction and best interest of our customers, we request all our tenants to enter into yearly agreements, to avoid any confusion over the services we provide. This agreement also ensures that we provide you the best services available.


Q: Can I receive incoming mails in my company’s name, even if I am not in Jakarta?

A: Definitely, at our virtual offices you can receive mails for your company, in your company name from anywhere in the world. That is why we are your virtual office provider.


Q: What mail services do you provide and what methods of payments do you accept ?

A: Just like we said above and in addition, we can receive and handle your mails, letters, parcels or packages and forward to your home address. This will be deducted from your deposit for mail post forwarding. List of mailing charges will be notified and explained further by our Center Assistant. Try contacting us for better explanation on this issue.


Q: What happens to my postal mail that arrives for me?

A: We shall notify you daily of any mail that has arrived to our office and (as per your instructions) can forward the mail on to your home or other specified address. In some, cases tenants instruct us to open their mail, and either fax or scan/e-mail it to them to ease stress. Alternatively, we can place your post mails in your allocated mailbox, provided the size of mails fits through the mailbox. We shall provide the service as per your instructions. We are at your service.


Q: I want to get started now! How long does it take to set up the service?

A: We do not waste time. Your service will be up within 24 hours. We can usually provide you with shared phone number, shared fax number and business address details as soon as an agreement is signed and deposits are paid.


Q: How would you process my messages?

A: This will be as per your instructions to how you would like to receive them. Most tenants do ask us to relay their messages via e-mail or SMS.


Q: What is the minimum lease term for virtual office?

A: We offer you with 12 months lease which is automatically renewable after that, unless you submit non-renewal notification by writing 60 days before the expiry of the initial lease.


Q: Do I get access to the Internet and am I able to use a fixed line phone whilst in the Centre?

A: Yes, but charges do apply accordingly.


Q: I still have some questions. I am looking for a solution for my business. At the beginning of next month I want to try to expand my business into Indonesia. In this case, I need a service which can handle a few letters or parcels and then send it to my head office. I have read your website and I am interested to register at your office. How can Boutique Office assist me further?

A: Yes our virtual office service will help you create and maintain a professional branch office address in Indonesia. Your virtual office service can represent your business in the area and help you expand your business. Simply contact us for registration.


Q: How is the security like?

A: We provide CCTV in the common area of the business center. Customers will be using lift security access card in the lobby before entering the elevator.


Q: There are other questions bothering my mind that are not listed here.

A: For more of your questions that are not answered here please use the contact us form or visit us at our office to get speedy answers to them.

We are pleased to serve you better in the near future.

Boutique Office Management